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InBody is a body composition analyzer to be used in rehabilitation, sports medicine, nephrology as well as at the clinic. Inbody Central distributes Inbody (designed and manufactured by Biospace, South Korea) devices in The Caribbean countries.

InBody is equipped with the technology that achieves the accuracy of over 0.98 in

correlation with DEXA, the golden standard for body composition analysis.

InBody uses 8 polar tactile electrodes where a different electrical voltage and

current are sent through the inner body, resulting in 5 different impedances reading

for the  body’s trunk and four limbs. This exclusive in-depth analysis of the InBody

yields accurate results for total body composition, and is able to measure segmental

muscle mass as well.

InBody Applications

  • In rehabilitation Inbody provides accurate size of body parts like legs, arms and trunk. This information will help you to evaluate the need for rehabilitation as well as measure changes in the body when treatment is given.
  • Sports medicine will benefit from precise examination for body development status and balance. Analysis items by segment and various body indexes are used as essential data for exercise prescription.
  • In Nephrology Inbody is being used to help judge about body water balance, change in body water before and after dialysis and nutritional status for patients.
  • Nutritionists / Physicians use Inbody to analyse nutritional and health conditions for patients with wasting disease, geriatric disease, chronic disease and children in growth period. By using broadband multi frequencies Inbody provides a precise diagnosis on patients' nutritional status. Inbody is also widely used to provide necessary data to prevent geriatric diseases like diabetes, heart disease or hypertension.
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