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Endurance PTC, San Francisco, California  

Patrick Maher, Endurance PTC

Endurance PTC is a leading performance training center for athletes of all levels and abilities. We use cutting-edge fitness assessments and proven training techniques to help general fitness enthusiasts, cyclists, runners, and triathletes achieve their fitness and performance goals. We rely on our InBody 520 scale during our fitness assessments as a quick, accurate way to measure our clients' body compositional changes throughout their training and ensure keep properly hydrated. Our clients appreciate the non-invasive nature of the test and the detailed results they receive.


Physioage Medical Group, New York, New York  

Jerry Fortunato, MBA, Chief Operating Officer

We are a full-time age-management clinic in New York City focused on extending physiological function through hormonal modulation. We purchased our first InBody520 in 2007 and we liked it so much we bought another unit in 2008. We use the InBody520 to measure baseline body composition of all new patients and conduct regular follow-up testing to demonstrate the beneficial effects of hormonal balancing on body composition. Our doctors and patients love it.

Jerry Fortunato
PhysioAge Medical Group
30 Central Park South
New York, NY 10019
(877)888-3210 (v)
(212)888-7828 (f)


iMetabolic Medical Weight Loss Center, Reno, Nevada  

Mark W. Conte, CEO

iMetabolic is a multi-disciplinary medical weight loss facility assisting patients from both a non-surgical and a post-surgical weight loss venue. There is no doubt in our minds that patients have been conditioned to focus solely on scale weight. Early in the formation of our organization, we set a goal of not having this be an absolute attribute of our practice. The InBody 320 provides a great deal of information about body composition, lean body mass, etc. It is especially interesting how the Current Target Weight correlates to patients' perceptions of what their ideal weight should be... These two values are typically within five (5) pounds of each another!

In our practice, we utilize the InBody 320 on a weekly basis with each patient to display the progress they are making. In addition, it allows us talking points on coaching patients to gain more lean body mass as it is a key ingredient to their future success. Functionally, the InBody 320 plays an integral role in our operation and at this point we would be lost without it. Finally, I just wanted to comment on the accuracy of the InBody 320. I was recently invited to have a full body DEXA scan and the correlation between that test and the InBody 320 were within 0.2% of each other which is excellent and provided me additional confidence in the information the InBody is providing patients.

Pure Living Fitness, Atlanta, Georgia  

Chris Garcia, PT

The InBody 520 is a very effective tool for measuring my clients' results.

As a fitness consultant for the past 15 years I have never used a more reliable bodyfat machine. The Inbody 520 is by far the best investment I have made in my fitness facility. The tests are quick and convenient while being very indepth and informative.

I would highly recommend this machine to anyone serious about health and fitness.
Thank you Biospace!


Time Travel Fitness, Birmingham, Alabama  

Robin Brashner, Owner

The InBody 520 has become an excellent tool for us to help our clients improve their health, wellbeing and self-confidence. It is simple to use, quick, and non-intimidating. It provides us with invaluable information about our clients, that help us provide for them a road map to a healthy, happy body. The InBody 520 is a vital tool for the customers and staff of Time Travel Active Health Centers.

Robin Brashner, Owner
Time Travel International
713 9th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35205
Phone. 205-979-2811


Blair Plastic Surgery, Altoona & State College, Pennsylvania  

Robert Louton, M.D., F.A.C.S.

We use the In Body before and after body contouring procedures (liposculpture and tummy tucks) to objectively track the outcomes. The InBody helps patients realize gains made from these surgeries and helps us set them on a course of diet and exercise that will further enhance their results.

Robert Louton, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Trinity Medical Weight Loss, Trinity, Florida  

Jeffery S. Vasta M.D.

The Inbody520 has become a valuable tool at Trinity Medical Weight Loss.

We are so pleased with what this scale has to offer in terms of data, accuracy and simplicity of use. Our patients are now able to accurately compare their baseline with the results of their hard work and dedication to reach their weight loss goals.

Our medical staff and physicians are able to monitor, evaluate and explain to our weight loss patients valuable information that the Inbody520 effectively provides.

My staff and I strongly recommend this valuable instrument. It is definitely an asset to any medical office, especially for the purpose of weight loss management.

Jeffery S. Vasta M.D.
Diplomat American Board of Internal Medicine.
Member American Society of Bariatric Physicians.


Body Blocks Fitness, Buffalo, New York  

Robert Bateson, CSCS, Owner, Operator, Trainer

Body Blocks Health and Fitness Center is dedicated to helping our clients lead a healthier lifestyle. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, improve strength and cardiovascular conditioning or train for a specific competitive event or sport, we'll put you on target with a plan of integrated diet and exercise to help meet your goals. With the new addition of the Inbody 520, we can specifically achieve these results by precise, accurate measurements of Body Composition. It allows not only us as trainers to see and understand the progress of our clients but the clients, as well. The Inbody 520 eliminates the false perception of what our clients think they know about their overall health and weight, and gives them the true, hard facts about the real change in Body Composition. By seeing the changes in Lean body mass, body fat mass, intra and extracellular water, as well as BMR, our clients can get a better idea of what needs to be done in order to meet their goals with our help. It's great to incorporate the Inbody 520 into our facility because it has expanded our capabilities in educating our clientele about their health.


Sky Sport & Spa, Beverly Hills, California  

Jackie Warner, Owner of Sky Sport & Spa and reality star of Workout on Bravo

"I created Sky Sport & Spa to give those who are serious about fitness a premium experience using the greatest fitness technology available in an environment that would be unequaled. One of the most important things Sky Sport & Spa aims to do is design the perfect program for a client that is safe, fun and can help him/her get maximum results. This is why our trainers and physical therapists love the InBody520. Not only can it help clients see the facts as they are, but it also helps clients set realistic goals. My trainers consistently utilize the InBody520 on season three of my reality show Workout on Bravo which premieres April 12th 2008. Thank you Biospace for introducing me to this incredible technology." - Jackie Warner, Owner of Sky Sport & Spa and reality star of Workout on Bravo

Jackie Warner is owner and managing director of Sky Sport and Spa, an exclusive sports medicine and fitness facility centrally located in Beverly Hills, California. Since its establishment, Sky Sport and Spa has gained a strong reputation among clients and industry experts for its distinctive design and superior personalized services. The only facility of its kind providing a 360 degree view of Los Angeles, Sky Sport and Spa offers multiple services including private personal training, nutritional counseling, chiropractic care, group exercise classes, yoga, kick-boxing, massage therapy, physical therapy, and skin rejuvenation therapies. Everything inside of her leading penthouse fitness facility is visually impressive, including the state-of-the-art equipment and the most attractive staff of trainers in the city.

Women's Heart Center in Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute, Kansas City, Missouri  

Linda Bunten, RN, Nurse Clinician

The Inbody 520 is a motivating educational tool we use to promote a woman's investment in their own heart health prevention. We use it to introduce and demonstrate health values of building muscle, drinking water, exercise including weight bearing and strength training and finally someone's basal metabolic rate. This is personalized which helps to provide a tool for ownership. The results are measurable and the women have the ability to follow up, thus giving them feedback on their progress.

Linda Bunten, RN
Nurse Clinician
Muriel I. Kauffman
Women's Heart Center
(816) 932-1329 voice
(816) 932-5645 fax


X Gyms, Belltown, Washington  

PJ Glassey, CSCS

We pride ourselves on having the best equipment and exercise methods in the industry, so our InBody machine fits well into our system. We can accurately test our clients now with no more worries about human error or subjectivity. The reliability and repeatability has surpassed any body composition testing equipment we have used in the past by leaps and bounds!

PJ Glassey, CSCS
X Gym Belltown (Downtown Seattle)
11 Vine St. Suite B
Seattle, WA 98121
Tel. 206-728-XGYM (9496)
E-mail: Belltown@xgym.com


University Compounding Pharmacy & Wellness Center, San Diego, California  

Kim Ruby, Certified Nutritionist

As one of the nation's largest Compounding Pharmacies, we are very
involved in "Quality of Life" medicine and weight management. A year ago
we purchased an InBody scale and recently upgraded to the 520 Series. Our
patients love knowing we offer such a high standard of care in our weight
loss monitoring capabilties. They actually look forward to being weighed
and learning so much more than we could ever offer on a regular scale
We are also very satisfied with the excellent service Daniel and his team
have given us at BIOSPACE. We would highly recommend their products to
medical practices and spas who want to benefit from such an innovative
and high tech tool.

Muscles in Motion Personal Training Studio, Lake Oswego, Oregon  

Matt Del Garbino- AFAA CPT

The addition of the InBody520 in our personal training studio has
allowed us to accurately track and measure our clients' progress. Our
clients find it motivating to have hard data to reinforce what they
know is happening as a result of their efforts in and out of the gym.

Matt Del Garbino- AFAA CPT
Muscles in Motion Personal Training Studio
425 2nd Street, Suite 140
Lake Oswego, OR 97034
email: musclesinmotion@mac.com


SlowMotion Therapeutic Fitness, Los Angeles, California  

Rob Cowell, PT

The InBody 520 has been an invaluable tool for us. The precise, objective body composition information it provides integrates perfectly with our muscular performance assessment system. Our clients and their healthcare providers get a complete report before and after a series of training sessions at SlowMotion. All of the improvements our clients achieve with our program are backed by research and easy for everyone to see. Thanks for an excellent measurement tool, InBody!

Rob Cowell, PT
SlowMotion Therapeutic Fitness
1872 S. Sepulveda Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Tel: 310-481-9959


Allure Medical Spa, Shelby Twp, Michigan  

Charles Mok, M.D.

We had a impedance device that worked on upper or lower body, required sticking patches to the patient, and was not particularly user friendly, so my staff forgot about it most of the time. It was not very impressive to the patient. The Biospace device looked more snazzy, gave a weight, and gave a nicely printed report that the patients liked to review. The compliance in my office is very high with this device.

I hoped to solve the problems of getting accurate fat and composition on patients before procedures (liposuction, abdiminoplasty, Mesotherapy) as well as monitoring response to diet and life style recommendations.

I was surprised at how many patients who were in the office for things not related to fat wanted to get measured, and then they may subsequently track themselves and make a goal for weight loss.

I cannot well quantify the value, but it is used continuously and is a very high patient satisfaction. Our patients feel they are being treated more professionally for cosmetic surgery when we are doing lifestyle counseling and measuring body fat and composition.

Charles Mok, M.D.
8180 26 Mile Road, Suite 105
Shelby Twp. MI 48316
Fax: 586-992-2830

AgeLess MediSpa, Port Orange, Florida  

George Solomon, M.D., ABAAM, AAFP

The InBody has been an instrumental tool in our weight loss program. It allows us to tailor the program based on their body composition. We also use it prior to Liposuction and lipodissolve. Patients love it and we are happy with the machine.

George Solomon, M.D., ABAAM, FAAFP
AgeLess MediSpa
1690 Dunlawton Ave. Suite 110
Port Orange, FL 32127


Aesthetic Institute for Rejuvenation and Lipodissolve, Carterville, Illinois  

Autumn Wills, PA-C

I perform Lipodissolve procedures in my office and I always recommend the InBody before and after treatments. It allows patients to truly see their body composition and assess their progress after treatments. Additionally, I provide nutritional counseling and the InBody testing is invaluable both for calculating a patient??s body fat and their basal metabolic rate. These numbers give our patients what they need to begin and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Autumn Wills, PA-C
Aesthetic Institute for Rejuvenation and Lipodissolve
10419 Fleming Rd.
Carterville, IL 62918

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